The Raptor Program  GOL Shooting  

We have an exciting new lesson package, called the "Raptor Program". It is a year long lesson program designed to teach you how to win the events you are entered in. Whether it's 4H, Collegiate, Fundraisers, or NSCA shoots, we will focus on what it takes to consistently be the best.

It includes 60 hours of instruction, lesson scheduling preference, and extensive support in whatever discipline you shoot. The program runs for a calendar year from the day you sign up.

There are only 7 slots available in the program, and currently about half of those have been taken. If you'd like to be a part of it, please give me a call and secure your slot asap. 337-316-1936



We now have only 2 slots left open for this program. If you, or your child, wishes to be very competitive, get signed up now before it gets filled!!! 3-23-16